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hey guess what?chris brown iz really hott like really really hott and he has an amazing voice!!!
oh oh and u kno who else iz like really hott iz bowwow i hate hiz name but he ssoooo hott!!!!
yeah yeah!!!!!
u kno it!!!!!!!


ooooohhhhhh so scary!!!!!!

So what i am afraid of iz rollar coasters,their so scary i hate heights so ya.When i went 2 six flags with my fiends i went on a rollar coaster and it wuz soooo scary and it ended up bein a kiddy ride.(it wuz so not).And also the dark cause bad things always happen in the dark and ppl can be jus hidin in there n stuff.And rae didnt make it any better by always teasing me and scaring me when i least expect in it.Like when i jus get outta the shower,or somethin i would sometimez always cry but that obviuosly dosent matter to raeonna.CLOWNS……are fricken scary and disgusting why would little kids like clowns???scary movies are the worst cause they haunt me fer the rest of my life and there jus not entertaining.My soccer coach cuz hes a sick weirdo!!!!


When we have a sleepover you are expected to party ,be wild and crazy and not sleep till 4:00 in the morning.We are gonna do alot of stuff like……eat popcorn,watch alot of movies,go on the computer for like half the night.Then we’ll eat lots and lots of junk food like pizza,candy and soda and a bunch of crap like that.Next we’ll sneak outta the house and we’ll do ding-dong ditch yo.And also we can tee-pee wooo!Next maybe we can prank some ppl and do lots of funny things.Then well turn the music up rrrrreeeaaalllyyy loud,so everybody wakes up and gets really angry.We should start singing and dancing and singing really loud and obnoxiously.Yeah and we’ll be so hyper that we’ll wake everybody up and theyll be so mad that they will alll wanna beat us up.And then it will be morning so then we will be dead tired.
So we’ll obviously sleep all day,then we’ll start back over durin the night.And thiz iz what ur required to do at my house!!!DUDE!!


As I drive into my driveway with my new car I thought mmmmmmmmhhhhhhh all these people are probably so jealous of my new car.Look at them all ,as I looked at all the kids playing ball all of a sudden stop and stared.And also the parents taking walks and walkin their animals also stopped and watched.As I was getting closer to my driveway I relized that the sunlight was shining down on my driveway right where I was gonna park.OOOO I thought perfect maybe I’ll drive in slowly for dramatic affect and i’ll go in the sunlight where my car will look shinyer and newer than ever.So as I drove in slowly just as I had planned,I looked over to see if eveybody was still looking and relized for some reason everybody was laughing.”WHAT”I thought did everybody just missmy whole entrance!!!!NOOO!!!.Wait I thought I looked around at everybody on my streets car and i said to myself yep i do have the coolest looking car on the block so what could they be possibly be laughing at?no,wait I looked down and saw that a flock of birds had pooped all over my car,I was really embarassed.Uuuuuuggggghhh so from now on i decided not to show stuff off anymore,just brag about stuff.


lying is easy,and sometimes even pleasing.I do it to get what i want or if i want something.Sometimes it’s actually easy,I feel guilty most of the time,but others i’m glad I did it cause i usually don’t get in trouble for anything.And raeonna is mad cause i never get in trouble, but i think it’s funny.And she’s the one who really gets in trouble for what i do and I think it’s hilarious I know im a brat!

crazy for chris and cole!!!

Oh so this one time me and my friend Bre were obsessed with these certain celebraties.I was obsessed with chris brown(still am) and she was obsessed with cole sprouse the ugly,onnoying kid on “The suite life of Zach and Cody”EEEEWWWI KNOW!!!.So it was Cole and Dylan (coles twin) and it was coles b day and we decided to have a birthday party for them. and we did and it was crazy and we played games and like did crafts and stuff and rae was really bored.

rae and me running away

well back when me and rae were youngens i used to always bossed raeonna around and tell her what to do and she would always listen to me.Or do what i demanded,i know stupid child!! Anyways,so one day rae and I got in trouble with our mom,so she was going to give us a spankin.But we didnt want one,so I was like “rae lets runaway so we don’t get in trouble.”(And by the way I was like 3 and rae was 4.)And she was like no i dont want to get in trouble”. And then I was like no rae you have to or else I’m gonna tell on you”. (And by the way there was like 3 ft. of snow). So we started running away and we ran so far away and I was tired and so was she. So I was like lets go into this persons house. And again rae was “like no were gonna get in trouble”. And I was like rae now ,do you want to go back to the house and get a spankin?. No she repiled,o.k. lets go then I said .”fine”rae said.So stupidly I knocked on this random ladys house door. She answered and was like “oh hey little girls” and we were like can we come in your house cause were in trouble and we don’t want to get into trouble.”And then the creepy lady was like sure come on in.”So then rae and I walked in and it was a huge, pretty house and they were obviously rich.So the lady gave us hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies.Rae and I stayed for like an hour and then we heard RAE!!!!,HANNAH!!! really loudly so then we decided to go back.When we got back we got in trouble and we obviously we got a spankin i hated it when my dad gave us a spankin cause his hurt the worse.And rae got in more trouble then I did cause I blamed it all on her and so she got a harder spanking then I did.But we have alot of stories like this where she always ends up getting in more trouble then i did. It was funny!!! and we weren’t even aloud to play with barbies back then cause of me which is hilarious!!YEAH!!!


I’m old,and looking back on my life of when I was growing up the best times I’ve had was….
When I got married to a fine man and he had doe yeah!!So he was the best boy in my life and he was perfect for me.And our wedding was huge and awesome it was the best thing that happened to me.It was beautiful and big and all my closest homies were their.But anyways later in life he told me he was really rich and that he had tons of money stashed away.I got so excited I was like “YES” ,I rich!!!! And then he was like were rich together baby!!So then we got busy and decided we wanted at least 3 or 4 children.But then he was like let’s have more babies,and I was like no baby we don’t need more babies.Yes we do baby come on and then we had 2 more babies.And then after 10 years I found out he was sleeping with some hoochie off the street so then I took all his money and became a hooker and worked at a casino!! 15417366538….CALL ME BABE!!

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