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I’m old,and looking back on my life of when I was growing up the best times I’ve had was….
When I got married to a fine man and he had doe yeah!!So he was the best boy in my life and he was perfect for me.And our wedding was huge and awesome it was the best thing that happened to me.It was beautiful and big and all my closest homies were their.But anyways later in life he told me he was really rich and that he had tons of money stashed away.I got so excited I was like “YES” ,I rich!!!! And then he was like were rich together baby!!So then we got busy and decided we wanted at least 3 or 4 children.But then he was like let’s have more babies,and I was like no baby we don’t need more babies.Yes we do baby come on and then we had 2 more babies.And then after 10 years I found out he was sleeping with some hoochie off the street so then I took all his money and became a hooker and worked at a casino!! 15417366538….CALL ME BABE!!


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