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rae and me running away

well back when me and rae were youngens i used to always bossed raeonna around and tell her what to do and she would always listen to me.Or do what i demanded,i know stupid child!! Anyways,so one day rae and I got in trouble with our mom,so she was going to give us a spankin.But we didnt want one,so I was like “rae lets runaway so we don’t get in trouble.”(And by the way I was like 3 and rae was 4.)And she was like no i dont want to get in trouble”. And then I was like no rae you have to or else I’m gonna tell on you”. (And by the way there was like 3 ft. of snow). So we started running away and we ran so far away and I was tired and so was she. So I was like lets go into this persons house. And again rae was “like no were gonna get in trouble”. And I was like rae now ,do you want to go back to the house and get a spankin?. No she repiled,o.k. lets go then I said .”fine”rae said.So stupidly I knocked on this random ladys house door. She answered and was like “oh hey little girls” and we were like can we come in your house cause were in trouble and we don’t want to get into trouble.”And then the creepy lady was like sure come on in.”So then rae and I walked in and it was a huge, pretty house and they were obviously rich.So the lady gave us hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies.Rae and I stayed for like an hour and then we heard RAE!!!!,HANNAH!!! really loudly so then we decided to go back.When we got back we got in trouble and we obviously we got a spankin i hated it when my dad gave us a spankin cause his hurt the worse.And rae got in more trouble then I did cause I blamed it all on her and so she got a harder spanking then I did.But we have alot of stories like this where she always ends up getting in more trouble then i did. It was funny!!! and we weren’t even aloud to play with barbies back then cause of me which is hilarious!!YEAH!!!


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