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As I drive into my driveway with my new car I thought mmmmmmmmhhhhhhh all these people are probably so jealous of my new car.Look at them all ,as I looked at all the kids playing ball all of a sudden stop and stared.And also the parents taking walks and walkin their animals also stopped and watched.As I was getting closer to my driveway I relized that the sunlight was shining down on my driveway right where I was gonna park.OOOO I thought perfect maybe I’ll drive in slowly for dramatic affect and i’ll go in the sunlight where my car will look shinyer and newer than ever.So as I drove in slowly just as I had planned,I looked over to see if eveybody was still looking and relized for some reason everybody was laughing.”WHAT”I thought did everybody just missmy whole entrance!!!!NOOO!!!.Wait I thought I looked around at everybody on my streets car and i said to myself yep i do have the coolest looking car on the block so what could they be possibly be laughing at?no,wait I looked down and saw that a flock of birds had pooped all over my car,I was really embarassed.Uuuuuuggggghhh so from now on i decided not to show stuff off anymore,just brag about stuff.


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