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When we have a sleepover you are expected to party ,be wild and crazy and not sleep till 4:00 in the morning.We are gonna do alot of stuff like……eat popcorn,watch alot of movies,go on the computer for like half the night.Then we’ll eat lots and lots of junk food like pizza,candy and soda and a bunch of crap like that.Next we’ll sneak outta the house and we’ll do ding-dong ditch yo.And also we can tee-pee wooo!Next maybe we can prank some ppl and do lots of funny things.Then well turn the music up rrrrreeeaaalllyyy loud,so everybody wakes up and gets really angry.We should start singing and dancing and singing really loud and obnoxiously.Yeah and we’ll be so hyper that we’ll wake everybody up and theyll be so mad that they will alll wanna beat us up.And then it will be morning so then we will be dead tired.
So we’ll obviously sleep all day,then we’ll start back over durin the night.And thiz iz what ur required to do at my house!!!DUDE!!


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