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ooooohhhhhh so scary!!!!!!

So what i am afraid of iz rollar coasters,their so scary i hate heights so ya.When i went 2 six flags with my fiends i went on a rollar coaster and it wuz soooo scary and it ended up bein a kiddy ride.(it wuz so not).And also the dark cause bad things always happen in the dark and ppl can be jus hidin in there n stuff.And rae didnt make it any better by always teasing me and scaring me when i least expect in it.Like when i jus get outta the shower,or somethin i would sometimez always cry but that obviuosly dosent matter to raeonna.CLOWNS……are fricken scary and disgusting why would little kids like clowns???scary movies are the worst cause they haunt me fer the rest of my life and there jus not entertaining.My soccer coach cuz hes a sick weirdo!!!!


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